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Language(s)English, French, German
MeaningKing of the elves[1]
Other names
Variant form(s)Aubree, Aubrie, Awbery[2]

Aubrey (/ˈɔːbri/) is traditionally a male English given name. The name is from the Norman French derivation Aubry of the Germanic given name Alberic / Old High German given name Alberich,[3] which consists of the elements alb 'elf' and ric 'power' or 'ruler' ,[1][4] from Proto-Germanic *albiz "elf", "supernatural being" and *rīks "chieftain", "ruler". Before being largely replaced by Aubrey after the Norman Conquest of England, the Anglo-Saxons used the native form Ælfrīc.[1]

Beginning in the United States in the late 20th century, the name Aubrey has come to be commonly used as a given name for girls, potentially transferred from its usage as a surname and/or influenced by Audrey.[1] It has been suggested that the modern feminine usage could also independently derive from the unrelated Germanic name Alberada, by way of the Old French Aubrée.[5] In 2022, Aubrey was the 81st most popular girls' name in the United States.[6]



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