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Kirkegaard Associates is an American acoustics design firm founded by Lawrence Kirkegaard, based in Chicago, Illinois, with an office in Denver, Colorado. The company is headed by President/Owner Joseph W A Myers[1] and employs 12 professionals in architecture, acoustics, music recording, mechanical and audio engineering, musical and theatrical performance. The company has been involved in the design of theatres, concert halls, opera houses, educational institutions, worship spaces, recording and broadcast studios, and other acoustically sensitive environments.

Selected projects[edit]

In 2010 James R. Oestreich of The New York Times called Kirkegaard's 1994 Tanglewood Music Center "a major triumph" and called the acoustics of the recently opened Shalin Liu Performance Center "Superb".[5] Describing the Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin, Oestreich wrote that "the acoustics, designed by Kirkegaard Associates, sounded notably bright yet mellow, clean yet reverberant".[2]


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