Rushall railway station

Coordinates: 37°47′00″S 144°59′31″E / 37.7832°S 144.9920°E / -37.7832; 144.9920
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PTV commuter rail station
North-west bound view from Platform 1 in November 2022
General information
LocationSumner Avenue,
Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068
City of Yarra
Coordinates37°47′00″S 144°59′31″E / 37.7832°S 144.9920°E / -37.7832; 144.9920
Owned byVicTrack
Operated byMetro Trains
Distance7.54 kilometres from
Southern Cross
Platforms2 side
ConnectionsList of bus routes in Melbourne Bus
Structure typeGround
AccessibleNo—steep ramp
Other information
StatusOperational, unstaffed
Station codeRUS
Fare zoneMyki Zone 1
WebsitePublic Transport Victoria
Opened1 January 1927; 96 years ago (1927-01-01)
ElectrifiedJuly 1921 (1500 V DC overhead)
2006–2007123,832[1]Increase 6.9%
2007–2008131,305[1]Increase 6.03%
2008–2009143,079[2]Increase 8.96%
2009–2010157,927[2]Increase 10.38%
2010–2011160,404[2]Increase 1.57%
2011–2012173,371[2]Increase 8.08%
2012–2013Not measured[2]
2013–2014146,868[2]Decrease 15.3%
2014–2015151,286[1]Increase 3%
2015–2016166,634[2]Increase 10.14%
2016–2017153,094[2]Decrease 8.12%
2017–2018167,202[2]Increase 9.22%
2018–2019158,350[2]Decrease 5.29%
2019–2020124,600[2]Decrease 21.3%
2020–202169,400[2]Decrease 44.3%
2021–202272,550[3]Increase 4.53%
Preceding station Railways in Melbourne Metro Trains Following station
Clifton Hill Mernda line Merri
towards Mernda
Track layout

Rushall railway station is located on the Mernda line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy North, and it opened on 1 January 1927.[4]


Named after a nearby street, itself possibly named after a housing development in 1869,[5] Rushall was also a station on the former Inner Circle line, which operated between Clifton Hill and Royal Park until July 1948.

Rushall is located next to the Merri Creek, and is connected to Westgarth by a narrow, 80-metre-long footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, crossing the Merri Creek as part of the Merri Creek Trail.


On 6 February 2016, whilst operating a Flinders Street service, and negotiating the tightest curve on the metropolitan railway system, a trailer carriage of an X'Trapolis train derailed 100m north of the station, resulting in one injury. The line reopened the next day.[6]

On 10 February 2016, another derailment, involving railway track machines, occurred near Rushall. That derailment resulted in buses replacing trains between Clifton Hill and Bell for much of 11 February. The line partially reopened for evening peak-hour commuters later that day.[7]

In music[edit]

Melbourne indie band Underground Lovers wrote a song named Rushall Station, about the quietness of the site, which then became the title track for an album. The station is also mentioned in Marcel Borrack's song Ruthven to Rushall.[8]

In October 2016, Melbourne electronic music producer Arcadic released a single named after the station, titled Rushall. The artwork depicted Merri Creek, taken from the window of a train departing Rushall station.[9]

Platforms and services[edit]

Rushall has two side platforms. It is serviced by Metro Trains' Mernda line services.[10]

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Transport links[edit]

Kinetic Melbourne operates two bus routes via Rushall station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:



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